Welcome to How To Create Your Semi-Custom Agent Website

Welcome to How To Create Your Semi-Custom Agent Website. We know that there’s a lot of technical details that need to be completed to build your website, so we’re going to provide you with a dedicated Website Development Representative to help guide you thru this...

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Placester and the ‘.realtor’ domain: Is it worth it?

by Ciao Bella Marketing on December 17, 2014 The biggest news in real estate technology the last few weeks has been the introduction of the .realtor domain and the National Association of Realtors’ effort to encourage people to use it by offering low-cost websites to...

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The Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites

by Ciao Bella Marketing on March 19, 2015 It is no secret that the Internet has become integral to success Miami Real Estate Marketing, just as it has for every other industry. But what many do not know is that even the way we use the web is changing rapidly. Desktops...

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